Here information about Indutrade AB’s guidelines for compensation for senior executives can be found, as well as information about Indutrade's long-term incentive programme.

Indutrade AB’s guidelines for compensation and other terms of employment for senior executives

These guidelines were adopted by the 2020 Annual General Meeting. These guidelines shall be applicable to agreed compensation, and amendments to compensation already agreed. These guidelines do not apply to compensation resolved or approved by the general meeting.

The guidelines’ promotion of the company’s business strategy, long-term interests and sustainability
A prerequisite for the successful implementation of the company’s business strategy and safeguarding of the company’s long-term interests, including its sustainability, is that Indutrade is able to recruit and retain management with high qualifications. To this end, the company must offer competitive compensation and other terms of employment, which these guidelines enable. The forms of compensation should motivate members of the executive management to perform their utmost in order to safeguard the interests of the shareholders. For more information about Indutrade's business strategy, please see here.

These guidelines encompass senior executives, i.e. the CEO and other members of the group management (the executive management). For employments governed by rules other than Swedish, customary adjustments may be made for compliance with mandatory rules or established local practice, taking into account, to the extent possible, the overall purpose of these guidelines.
Variable cash compensation covered by these guidelines shall aim to promote the company’s business strategy and long-term interests, including its sustainability.

The types of compensation
The total compensation shall be on market terms, straightforward, long-term and quantifiable, and may consist of the following components:

  • fixed cash salary
  • variable cash compensation
  • pension benefits
  • other benefits

The general meeting may also, irrespective of these guidelines, resolve on, among other things, share-related or share price-related compensation. For information about ongoing incentive programmes, please see further information below on this page.

Click here to access PDF with Indutrade's complete Indutrade AB’s guidelines for compensation and other terms of employment for senior executives.

Evaluation of compensation 2019

According to the Swdish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code), the Compensation Committee’s tasks include, among other things, monitoring and evaluating of (i) variable compensation to senior executives, (ii) the application of the guidelines for compensation to senior executives adopted by the AGM, and (iii) current compensation structures and compensation levels in the Company.

In accordance with the Code, the Board of Directors has submitted to the Annual General Meeting 2020 a report on the Compensation Committee's evaluation of compensation 2019 to the Executive Management.

Long-term incentive programs

In April 2017 the Annual General Meeting of Indutrade AB resolved to introduce a long-term incentive programme (LTI 2017) comprising a combined maximum of 704,000 warrants in two series for senior executives and other key persons in the Indutrade Group.

Shares can be subscribed during specially stipulated subscription periods through Friday, 20 May 2022.

A description of outstanding incentive programs can be found in Note 8 in Indutrade's Annual Report 2019.